Drawdown Actions

The Drawdown Project harnessed hundreds of researchers, professionals and scientists around the world to find ways, with existing know-how and technology, to actually reverse the high levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide. The very readable book, “Drawdown”, published in 2017 and available at Book Ends or the library, describes the top 80 methods which, combined, could start to actually reduce or drawdown atmospheric carbon dioxide by 2050.

You can browse the top 80 solutions here on the Drawdown web site.


Top Drawdown solutions and Winchester households:

Following are some issues from Drawdown, with highest priority first, that CoolWinchester considers good for possible actions by Winchester residents.

Read about these important issues by clicking here and selecting the Rank number from the Drawdown list.

#3: The top item of the Drawdown list (#3) that we can play a significant role in locally is food waste. Only buying as much food as you are confident you will eat and buying foods coming from a shorter distance (with less transportation impact) will help.

#4: Plant Rich Diet. As described in Drawdown, reducing or eliminating red meat is one of the measures that can greatly reduce your carbon footprint AND improve your health.

#10: Rooftop Solar: Winchester has greatly expanded rooftop solar generation since our Solarize year of 2012. Since then costs have declined further and it can make great economic and environmental sense. Read more on 2018 Actions page.

#26: Electric Vehicles: Electric vehicles are now a fairly common site in Winchester and there are great incentives to make them very affordable. Read more under DriveGreen here.

#31: Insulation: Literally thousands of households in Winchester have had energy assessments by now and many have improved their insulation. If you have not, it is a smart, no-cost step to improving your home and there are great incentives on insulation work. Read more here under WinSaves.

#33: LED: Assessments now provide free LED bulbs (rather than CFLs). Also the town has installed many LED lights, including for street lighting. See here under WinSaves about assessments.

#37: Mass transit: Unfortunately, Winchester is not well served with mass transit. However, we can, when possible take advantage of the commuter rail going right through town and the bus routes in or near Winchester.

#41: Solar hot water. Relatively few Winchester households have taken advantage of solar hot water panels. They are perhaps even more cost effective than photovoltaic panels.

#42: Heat pumps: We are inevitably heading towards being a society powered by electricity rather than harmful fossil fuels. Electric powered heat pumps have become very efficient in recent years in producing heat- competing with fossil fuels but without the pollution for their operation. Read more here under Clean Energy Center.

You can browse the top 80 solutions here on the Drawdown web site.

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