Community Actions

We are fortunate to have many civic-minded organizations in Winchester. In the arena of community action for the environment, they include, in alphabetical order:

350 MetroNorth

Especially aligned with CoolWinchester’s energy related issues is 350 MetroNorth, a local node (chapter) of 350 Mass for a Better Future.  In 2017-18 it primarily focused on promoting energy-related bills in the state legislature. These bills addressed issues including: 

1) increasing the percentage of renewable energy in our utility supplied electricity.

2) Stopping any new gas pipeline tax.

3) Putting a price on carbon.

4) Maintaining the growth of solar generation in MA.

5) Protecting consumers from the cost of gas leaks.

It is anticipated similar issues will be promoted in 2019.

This group meets mid-day Wednesdays in Winchester every other week to keep up to date on legislative and environmental news and to plan actions. Actions have included going to hearings, communicating with our legislators (as citizen lobbyists for the issues), keeping pressure on our Governor and participating in public visibility events for the issues. Contact for the local group:


ARCC-Acting to Reverse Climate Change (at Temple Shir Tikvah)

ARCC is focused on climate change and renewables. 

Climate Action Advisory Committee  (CAAC)

The purpose of Winchester's Climate Action Advisory Committee (CAAC) is to monitor the progress of Winchester's government, residential and commercial sectors in achieving the goals and initiatives set forth in Winchester's Climate Action Plan and to advise and assist the Select Board and the Town Manager in the ongoing development and implementation of the plan's recommendations. 

Green Sanctuary Committee (at Winchester Unitarian Society)

Green Sanctuary supports environmentally-aware faith and practices

LWVW- League of Women Voters of Winchester

Of particular interest to CoolWinchester is the support by the local state and national League for carbon pricing.

Rethinking Plastics

Rethinking Plastics works on reducing plastics in the waste stream.

Sustainable Winchester

Sustainable Winchester is a nonprofit organization for the purpose of raising awareness about sustainability so that residents, officials, and community organizations can be  empowered to take action to incorporate sustainability into our community. It is also the non-profit umbrella organization under which CoolWinchester operates.

Town Manager Advisory Committee on Trash aka “Trash Pickers” 

Trash Pickers work with DPW and Town Manager to get all components of household waste to their most effective uses including food waste recycling, SSR (single stream paper, glass, metal, plastic recycling), and now the town’s SMART  program which is described at the bottom of this page.

Winchester Farmers Market Community Hub

The Winchester Farmers Market Community Hub serves as a vibrant community gathering place that enriches the social, civic, and economic fabric of the Town of Winchester and the surrounding region. WFMCHub fosters, through collaboration with other organizations, the kind of interactions that promotes the development of resilient communities.

Winchester Farmers Market

The Winchester Farmers Market takes place on the town common from the second Saturday in June to the last Saturday of October, from 9:30-1:30, as well as an indoor Holiday Market in November. 

Wright-Locke Farm Conservancy

Wright-Locke Farm is free and open to the public year-round during daylight hours. Hiking trails, ponds, wetlands, hilltop glades, and our beautiful historic farmstead provide a stunning natural setting to enjoy no matter the season. The farm supports organic farming, education, open space and sustainability.