Welcome to CoolWinchester!

Since 2008, CoolWinchester has helped residents learn about their environmental impact and has assisted them getting energy assessments, upgrading inefficient appliances, improving insulation, obtaining solar panels, and increasing renewables in our electricity supply. To help us do this, over the years we have partnered with NSTAR, Next Step Living, Solarize Mass, Sagewell, Ngrid, HomeWorks, the Town of Winchester and others.

So, How Can We Help You?  Perhaps to...

1) Understand "carbon footprints” better?  (see below)

2) Determine your household's "carbon footprint” ?  (see below)

3) Suggest local Household Actions on reducing your carbon footprint?

4) Suggest Drawdown Actions based on the 2017 book Drawdown?

5) Join in Community Actions?

6) Consider 2018 Actions?

As you can see from our four following web pages, we offer four possible arenas to take action in, ranging from a more local to a more global orientation and from community actions to current year actions. Browse them all and then decide if you want to dive into one or more of them!

1) What is a carbon footprint?

A household’s carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide that the household is responsible for emitting over a period of time. Typical major emitters are from home heating, electricity use, driving, flying, consuming goods (especially certain foods),  and disposing of goods.  Carbon dioxide emissions are a  general measure of the household's contribution to global warming and the environmental damage and disturbances that result. By taking some actions we can do our share to be better stewards of our environment.

2) What is your household carbon footprint?

In the past, CoolWinchester has run “ Eco Teams” using the book “ Low Carbon Diet”.  Winchester households determined their carbon footprints and took action. You can work through the book on your own or join with other households and do it as a team, which can be a fun, effective and supportive process. The idea is to do a carbon footprint calculation, then learn about ways to reduce it and then to commit to an “Action Plan” to reduce your footprint. The book is available from us, Book Ends or the library.

Low Carbon Diet

If you just want to do a carbon footprint calculation, you can search online for carbon footprint calculators or go to our old CoolWinchester web site (click here) and go to the ECO TEAMS page where there is a downloadable carbon calculator. You can also download a blank "Action Plan" there.

Eco Team

                                       A large Eco Team in action, 2010